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The Privacy Policy of

(hereinafter: "the Website")

This Website, which is maintained and operated by Future Cosmetics Company Ltd. (hereinafter: "the Site Manager")

collects certain Information and details about its Users. This Privacy Policy explains the Website's policy concerning the use of Personal Information provided by the Website's Users as part of their use of the Website and the services it offers.

Different privacy standards may apply to different Users, and therefore, certain Users may be subject to broader standards.

Please note that you are under no obligation to provide any Information about you when you use the Website, and that the delivery of any information is done voluntarily and with your consent. However, the decision not to provide certain required Information may affect our ability to provide you with services through the Website.

The Website Manager may change the Privacy Policy at any time, effective immediately at the time such change is posted on the Website as part of the Privacy Policy. The Website Manager encourages Users to review the Privacy Policy whenever they use the Website, to check how the Personal Information collected about them is used.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Website's Terms of Use. By using the Website, each User expresses their consent to any use made of the Information collected as specified in this Privacy Policy


Full Policy


The Use of Cookies

The Website uses cookie files ("Cookies"). Cookies are strings of letters and digits stored on your computer (or device), which store Information about the User.  They contain information concerning the User's browsing habits, websites they visited and the duration of each visit, how the User accessed the websites they browsed, and information concerning browsing and activity habits and the User's internet provider, IP address, geo-location and more. Some Cookies are essential for the proper operation of the Website, others are used for control, assessment and analytics, and the final group is used to offer Users customized marketing and advertising materials.


Some Cookies will expire when Users end their browsing session and close the browser, while others will remain stored on the User's computer (or device) memory. Users can change their browser setting to determine and configure which types of Cookies will be activated during their browsing session, to erase Cookies or to completely terminate their use. Please note that blocking all Cookies may have a negative effect on your ability to comfortably use many websites, including this Website.



The Types of Information we Collect

During their use of the Website, Information received from the Users is collected and stored. The Personal Information Collected by this Website, both directly from Users and through such means as Cookies, include (without limitation): Usage Data, Information transferred during use, such as first name, last name, phone number, address, state, country, P.O.B., city, and any other Information the user enters while using the Website. Furthermore, the Information collected includes information concerning visits, website use and activities (for instance: number of visits, the times of visit, services/products purchased and/or viewed, information included in messages sent to us by email etc.), including, without limitation, IP address, how the User accessed the Website and geo-location.

The full details concerning each type of Personal Information collected are specified in dedicated sections of this Privacy Policy or explained to the Users at the time the Information is collected.

The Personal Information may be provided by the User, or, in case of Usage Data, may be collected by automated means during the use of the Website.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all the Information required on the Website is mandatory, and failure to provide it may disrupt the Website's ability to provide you with its Services. When the Website explicitly states that the Information is not mandatory, the User may elect not to provide it, with no consequences related to the operation and Services of the Website.

If you are not sure which information is mandatory, please contact the Website Manager as specified below.

Any use of Cookies - or of any other tracking technologies - whether done by the Website or the Website Manager or third party services acting through the Website, is solely used for the provision of the Service required by the user. This, in addition to any other use specified in this document and in our Cookies Policy, if any is provided.

The Users are responsible for any Personal Information of any third party which is received and/or published and/or delivered through this Website, and confirm that they have the consent of such third party to disclose their Information to the Website Manager.

Consent to the Use of Information

You hereby acknowledge that we may use your Information for one or more of the following purposes:

To manage the Website, allow Users to use the Website, customize and improve the Website for Users, send goods/products purchased through the Website, provide services purchased through the Website, send pro-forma invoices, send payment reminders, send payment declarations and collect payments and send commercial non-marketing communications.

To send email notices, send marketing offers to Users, send marketing communications by mail, or, with your specific consent, by email or through similar technologies (in reality, you would usually express your consent to the Website Management's use of your Personal Information for marketing purposes in advance, or we will give you the option to opt-out from using your Personal Information for marketing purposes, by allowing you to inform us at any time that you are no longer interested in marketing communications);

To handle inquiries and complaints submitted by you or that are related to you and to this Website;

To maintain the Website's security and to prevent fraud;

To analyze various data related to the Information, including, without limitation, in aggregated form, to form market segments and analyze statistics. The provision of statistic data related to our Users to third parties

Your Personal Information will not be disclosed without your consent to any third party for their direct marketing purposes, or for the marketing purposes of any other third party.


Legal Bases for the Processing and Use of Information

The Website Manager (and/or anyone on its behalf) may use and/or process Personal Information related to Users in any of the following cases:

The User has granted their consent for one or more specific purpose. Note: under certain laws, the Website Manager may be permitted to process Personal Information until the User objects to such processing, without needing any consent or any other legal base. However, this is not the case when the processing of Personal Information is subject to the European data protection laws:

When the provision of the Information is required for the execution of a contract with the User and/or for the execution of any other related pre-contract commitment, or the processing is required to uphold the legal obligations imposed on the Website Manager.

The processing is related to a task carried out for the benefit of the public or for the execution of any formal liability imposed on the Website Manager.

The processing is required for achieving the legitimate interests of the Website Manager or any other third party.

In any case, the Website Manager will gladly assist in clarifying the specific legal base for any processing activity, especially if the provision of the Personal Information is a legal or contractual requirement, or a necessary contractual requirement.


Further Information Concerning Personal Information

The Service is not intended for children under the age of 18.

You declare that you are at the age of the legal majority. People who are not at the age of the legal majority may use this Website only under the supervision of their parent or guardian. People under the age of 18 may not use this Website under any circumstances.

User Rights

Users may exercise certain rights in relation to their Information being processed by the Website Manager.

Users who are entitled to a broader scope of protection may exercise all the rights listed below. In other cases, each User may contact the Website Manager to inquire which rights are relevant for them.

Specifically, Users have the right to take the following actions:

To withdraw their consent at any time. Users have the right to withdraw their previous consent to receive communications and marketing offers and to the processing of their Personal Information.

To object to the processing of their Information. Users have the right to object to the processing of their Information, even if the legal base for such processing is other than their consent. Further details are available in the dedicated section below.

To access their Information. Users have the right to know if their Information is processed by the Website Manager, receive information concerning certain aspects of such processing and receive a copy of the Information being processed.

To validate and correct the Information stored about the User. Users have the right to authenticate the Information and to ask that it be updated or corrected.

To limit the processing of their Information. In certain cases, Users have the right to limit the processing of their Information. In such case, the Website Manager will not process the Information, other than the extent needed for its storage.

To have their Information deleted or otherwise removed. In certain cases, Users have the right to have their Information deleted or removed by the Website Manager.

To review their Information, receive a copy of it, and have it transferred to another data controller. Users have the right to receive their Information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and if technically possible, to have it transferred to another party. This Section applies if the Information is processed by automated means and the processing is based on user consent, on an agreement signed by the user or if it is part of any related pre-contract obligation.

File a complaint. Users have the right to file a complaint with the proper information security authority.

To exercise these rights, please contact the Website Manager through the contact information provided below. Please note that you may be entitled to further user rights. For requests for information or inquiries related to such matters or to other matters related to this Privacy Policy, please contact the Website Manager using the contact details listed below. The Website Manager will review each inquiry and respond accordingly.


Further Details Concerning the Processing and Collection of Information

The Transfer of Information to Third Parties

The Website Manager may transfer Information to third parties in each of the following cases:

To Website employees, managers, vendors or subcontractors and/or any other third party to the extent required for the provision of goods/products/services offered on the Website and for actions supporting the provision of goods/products/services

 To protect, establish, exercise or defend its assets, property and legal rights.


If the User violates the Terms of Use and/or breaks the law in any other way and/or if a court order is issued, for the disclosure of Information to any third party.

In any case the Website Manager sells, assigns or endorses any of its assets and/or rights (in their entirety or in part) to any third party, or if it is purchased by or merged with any third party. If the Website Manager initiates insolvency proceedings, it will be allowed to sell, assign or transfer all the Information it collected about Users to a third party as aforesaid.

Any use made of User Information by third parties is their sole responsibility, and the Website Manager will not be liable in any way for such use (whether directly or indirectly).

Legal Action

The Website Manager may use the Personal Information of users to protect establish, exercise or defend its legal rights, including using the personal information in court or in preliminary proceedings, including, without limitation, legal proceedings initiated due to the improper use of the Website or related Services.

The User declares that they are aware that the Website Manager may be required to disclose their Personal Information following a request made by the authorities and/or in accordance with any law.


Cross-Border Information Transfers

The Website Manager may (for cloud storage purposes, among other things) transfer the Information about Users (including Personal Information) outside the jurisdiction of the state of Israel, to such jurisdictions where the data protection laws do not offer the same level of protection as offered in Israel, and specifically, the Information may be transferred to the following countries, which do not have data protection laws which match those enacted in the European Economic Area: The United States of America, Russia, Japan, China and India, and you hereby consent to such transfer of Information.

Additional Details Concerning the Personal Information of Users

In addition to the information presented in this Privacy Policy, the Website may provide users with additional contextual information related to specific services or to the collection and processing of the Personal Information on demand.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Website Manager reserves the right to make changes in this Privacy Policy by informing the Users of such changes on this page or on the Website and/or, if technically and legally possible, by sending Users a notice in accordance with the contact details held by the Website Manager. We encourage Users to return to this page often to examine the information posted, while noting the date of the last update listed at the end of the document.

If the changes are related to processing activities performed based on User consent, the Website Manager will take any action required to obtain User approval if needed.


Contact Details

If you have any question and/or require any clarification concerning this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

Limitation of Liability

The Website Manager is not responsible for and offers no representation or warranty that measures employed to protect the privacy of Information (including Personal Information) concerning Users will operate without errors or disruptions, that any malfunction will be repaired, and that such measures will be free of bugs, computer viruses and other such malicious software. The Website Manager will not be liable for any damage and/or loss which may emanate from circumstances outside its control, including any disruption of technical malfunction.


The Website Manager invests reasonable efforts in securing the Information which is transferred and/or received by it, however, it is hereby declared and agreed that it cannot secure the IT systems and that a perfect level of security against forbidden use and/or unauthorized breaches cannot be achieved, and it will not be liable in any case the Information provided by the User is disclosed and used.

The Website Manager will not be liable for any damage of any shape or form (whether direct or indirect) related to the use and/or delivery of the Information (including the Personal Information), including, without limitation, the disclosure of Personal Information due to errors, unauthorized access by third parties and/or any other cause which is outside its reasonable control.


Definitions and Legal References

Personal Information (or Information)

Any Information which allows the identification of any person, whether directly or indirectly and whether by itself or with other details, or Information which is related to any person.

Usage Data

Information collected by this Website through automated means (or by third party services using this Website), which may include: the IP address or domain names used by Website Users, the URI address, the request time, the method used to submit a server request, the size of the files received in response, the numeric code representing the server's response (successful action, error etc.), country of origin, the features of the browser and OS used by the User, information concerning Website visit times for each visit (including the time spent on each app page), and details concerning the app browsing path, including page sequences and other parameters concerning the device OS or the technology environment of the User's Information.

The User

The person using this Website, unless explicitly stated otherwise, who is also the data subject.

Data Subject

The person that the Information refers to.

Information Processor (or Data Controller)

The person, authority, agency or other party, both jointly and severally, who determines the purpose and means for the processing of personal information, including the security measures employed for the operation and use of the Website. The Data Controller, unless stated otherwise, is the Website Manager of this Website.

This Website (or This App)

The means through which the User's Personal Information is collected and processed.


The Service Provided by this Website as described in the relevant terms (if any) and on the Website/app

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