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Future Cosmetics Anita Bar Lev and Yifat Ovadia

The roots of FUTURE Cosmetics lay deep in the heritage of Anita's grandfather, a knowledgeable herbs and spices trader from Marrakesh, who has sown the first seeds of curiosity in his granddaughter's soul. With a precious bundle of local traditions, markets, scents, ideas, and experience, Anita expanded her horizons with natural well-being knowledge and therapeutic traditions from all five continents.
Anita's curiosity pushed her to explore further, and as a young woman, she trained as a certified nurse. During the 1970s, Anita completed her certification as a senior beautician in Paris, further expanding her knowledge and skills with the best experts. 
In the early 1980s, Anita opened her aesthetics school, training generations of beauticians in the skills of aesthetics and cosmetics. Together with her husband, Benjamin, one of the first professional makeup artists and teachers in Israel, they built their life's work, FUTURE Cosmetics, implementing Anita's clinical and traditional expertise into a unique and focused product line. 


In fact, these very same 5 elements are responsible for the balance around us in a broader way: they keep the balance of our entire body and represent the balance of nature and our planet. It is not by mistake that these elements appear and reappear in many ancient therapeutic traditions that Anita found in the years of her research, from Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda to the Shaman traditions of the Amazonas. 

At FUTURE Cosmetics, we believe that the combination of medical knowledge and ancient traditions that have been helping people for hundreds of years speaks the language of balance and harmony. Like in nature around us, when our body is well-balanced, and all the elements around us and within us align in harmony, we thrive, and our well-being is ensured. Our skin is yet another representation of such balance.

Anita believed that, like many other organs in our body, the skin – our largest organ – bears the secrets of its renewal and recovery. When we encounter challenges with our skin, it means that its natural health is off-balance. The true purpose of good treatment is to restore that balance and support the skin's natural powers. 

Skin is beautiful when it is healthy and well-balanced, and to sustain its health, our skin requires 5 elements: Purification, Stimulation, Hydration, Nourishment, and Protection. 

Future Cosmetics


Future Cosmetics is firmly committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainable practices. We recognize the importance of minimizing our environmental impact, supporting local communities, and continuously improving our sustainability performance. Additionally, we prioritize waste management and water conservation at our facilities to reduce our ecological footprint. As part of our corporate culture, we dedicate great efforts to the well-being of our employees and the constant improvement of our social impact.

As we develop our products with the key concept of a harmonious balance between nature's elements, we strive to achieve the same harmony in our actions as a company. As we are committed to providing a healthy and safe balance to our customers through our products, we apply the same approach to our people, our communities, and our environment. 

As a business, we are keen on creating a culture of care for all our stakeholders. An integral part of this corporate culture is the support we seek to provide our people and their communities in fellowship and giving back. Caring is also a value of our brand and the cornerstone of our product innovation. 

Future Cosmetics
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