SINCE 1970

Future Cosmetics is a boutique cosmetics line dedicated to restoring skin’s youth, radiance and health through natural methods. Future Cosmetics was founded by Anita Bar Lev, who for 40 years has developed skin care treatments that nurture timeless beauty: naturally healthy skin.

Trained as both a nurse and cosmetician, Anita was inspired from the start to find a balanced path of skin care that resonated with both elements of her training. Studying with experts in alternative medicine, cosmetology, and botanical treatments, she has come to intimately know the ingenuity of skin – delicate and powerful at once.

Teaming with makeup artist husband Benny Bar Lev, Anita has developed conferences, magazines and training programs around her skin care philosophy: Skin should never be harshly manipulated. Rather it can be deeply transformed through treatments that restore its optimal state.



In the 1980’s, Anita inaugurated her own cosmetology school in Tel Aviv, since then certifying hundreds cosmeticians in her professional skin care approach.



In 1989, Anita and Benny collaborated with expert biologists and cosmeticians to launch a cosmetics laboratory that would develop the formulas of the Future Cosmetics line. Their daughter Yifat Ovadia joined her parents shortly after, since then serving as her mother’s right hand in the business.



In 1993 Anita launched the first line of Future Cosmetics products – a boutique line of meticulously developed skin care products that infuse skin with nurturing treatments, restoring its natural vigor and radiance. Produced in the small and intimate family enterprise developed by Anita over the years, Future Cosmetics products are made with the greatest care for quality.

The unique and expert quality of Future Cosmetics products has gained a loyal clientele  through word of mouth of those seeking the highest quality of skin care.



Today Anita continues to personally care for her longstanding customers and share her life-long love of skin care with new ones.